Costumi Sartoriali


Price €42.95
Dress, ladybug a 4-ply, with the first veil, edged in with nylon thread in the stitching, body: two-tone ladybugs decorative. ARTICLE TAILORING:...

Dress pierrot PIERRINE

Price €45.90
Delizoso dress, pierrot, with 4-ply spark, hose, double, 3 pom pom and black profiles. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost variables.

The Costume of pierrot TERRI'

Price €51.97
Costume pierrot composed by the tunic in lycra with rouge at the neck, edging black, 3-button placket, printed and pants with elastic waist....

Costume style empire 2367

Price €55.74
Costume dance for girls in the empire style straps trimmed with lace and a flared skirt and gathered at the waist composed of two layers of sparkle...

Dress classical dance 2366

Price €69.67
Costume for the ballet with the insert in the lycra lurex gold at the body and neckline decorated by sequins on tulle gold which continues on the...

Costume classical dance LADY 2364

Price €69.67
Dress for ballet long sleeved leotard made of lycra with gold light, and liner enriched by leaps inpizzo, sequins and bows. Skirt and satin...

The Costume dance girl 2365

Price €55.74
Costume for modern dance or classical with body in lycra and cap sleeves in voile with lurex and sparkle. Small belt at the waist to swap the...

Tutu half degas 6460

Price €79.51
the Tutu half a degas with a body of two colors, decorated by frill in soft lace and ribbon of the cross in satin. Balloon sleeves in spark and...

Tutu short girl 6005

Price €35.90
the Tutu base with body in lycra and short flat size 4 layers of rigid tulle. Other colours are available on request. COSTUME TAILORING,...

Degas sweetheart neckline 6461

Price €79.51
Degas with bust dubbed in lace, with a sweetheart neckline finished with lace and satin ribbon. Fake shirt in lycra with puff sleeves. The skirt...

Degas with scalloped edge 6470

Price €51.23
Tutu length degas with body thin straps and a skirt composed of three layers of soft tulle, and one in spark. The first layer in spark is decorated...

Tutu golden 6469

Price €51.64
the Tutu lycra with metallic effect, walls formed from satin ribbon gold ondulatoe skirt consists of 3 layers of rigid tulle scalat to contratio...

Tutu short girl 6250

Price €36.07
the Tutu is short with body in lycra is not lined with spaghetti straps and a skirt composed of 5 layers of rigid tulle. Wide range of colours on...

Mini dress, little girl 6004

Price €30.74
Mini tutu with body wide straps lycra and skirt with 5 layers of rigid tulle short and pompous. Other colours are available on request. COSTUME...

Tutu with tulle polka dot 6468

Price €53.28
the Tutu classical ballet with cape, spark stapled. Skirt consists of 5 layers of soft tulle, the first layer of tulle with polka dots. COSTUME...

Tutu lace 6467

Price €63.93
Tutu with leotard in lycra and lace, and the skirt consists of 4 layers of rigid tulle, the first layer that is bordered by a satin ribbon, and...

Tutu ruffles 6466

Price €55.74
the Tutu ballet neckline is outlined by tiny sequins in the same shades. Ruffles skirt with 4 layers of rigid tulle and beading ribbon with lurex...

Tutu ballet 6465

Price €63.93
the Tutu in lace inserts and a small frill at the neckline. The skirt consists of 4 layers of rigid tulle with ruffle lace. COSTUME TAILORING,...

Tutu ballet 6463

Price €69.67
Sophisticated tutu with the top in lycra and sparkles curled outlined by sequins. Soft skirt consists of 4 layers of two-the first two are in the...

Tutu with lace 6464

Price €69.67
Tutu with leotard of lycra and lace and the balloon sleeves tulle lace. Scoop neckline with straps flesh-colored. Soft skirt two-tone composed of 5...

Tutu girl 6462

Price €75.41
Tutu length the middle of degas with balloon sleeves in satin and insert delineated by a frill of lace and ribbon in satin. Skirt with 4 layers you...

Tutulette semi-professional GISELLE

Price €61.48
Tutulette semi-professional 8-ply on the bottoms, no joke. Body not included

The tutu flat girl 6456

Price €51.23
the Tutu for ballet as a child, with a frill at the neckline and hemming satin. Flat with 6 laps of tulle. ARTICLE TAILORING MADE-TO-ORDER

The tutu flat with ruched 6448

Price €73.77
Tutu with the plate is formed by 5 layers of rigid tulle that form of the crags climbing and lined in contrast. The body has a thin insert, and V...

The tutu flat-6442

Price €81.97
ballet Dress, with a classic body made of lycra, decorated with a small insert de outlines the waist and the neckline. The straps are decorated by...

Tutu half degas LISE 6450

Price €90.16
the Tutu classical ballet with a length of half a degas, that is above the knee. The body has the corset outlined by contrast stitching and the...

Tutu, puff sleeves 6458

Price €52.46
the Tutu from little girl with balloon sleeves in sparkle, lace on the neckline and a fake wall that outlines the waistline. The skirt is soft and...

Tutu ballet with straps down 6434

Price €69.67
the Tutu academic with a large insert in lycra naked body outlined by the lace that goes down on the arms. Full plate consisting of 7 layers of...

Tutu classical ballet with body-tone pattern 6436

Price €73.77
Tutu with body, two-color in front, one in lycra metallizata decorated with gold sequins, and l'the other is bordered by a small frill. Flat and...

Tutu dance girl 6457

Price €54.10
the Tutu for ballet with contrasting inserts on the body or hemming of the skirt in satin. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

Dress, girl polka dot 6451

Price €77.87
Cute dress, little girl with pody polka dot with ruching and bow and ruffles skirt in alternating layers in patterned and striped voile, solid...

Tutu from little girl MINUET 6452

Price €67.21
the Tutu from girl with maichette slightly decreased to balloon, and with a corset in printed lycra embellished with satin bow and faux walls to...

Tutu from little girl WHIM 6454

Price €63.93
the Tutu from girl with a body to it'american lycra fantasy, with shoulders and back bare, and bow small belt at the waist. Above the knee length...

Tutu from little girl 6453

Price €55.74
Tutus two colors with insert in the micromesh on the necklines and balloon sleeves, and skirt with two flounces with scalloped effect. COSTUME...

Tutu short ballet 6443

Price €90.16
the Tutu short dress with the upper part of the body curled to the breast and the bust and copritutù voile with micro-sequins of silver. GPiatto...

Tutu short academic 6274

Price €57.38
the Tutu is short on the body outlined by the seams. Tv with 7 rounds of rigid tulle, with a maximum length of 31.5 cm in women sizes. COSTUME...

Tutu with insert naked 6445

Price €81.97
the Tutu academic insert in voile at the neckline, highlighted by the sheer black and silver. Plate consisting of 7 layers of rigid tulle with a...

Tutu with inserts 6459

Price €49.18
Tutu with contrasting inserts on the body and voile nude at the neckline. Flat with 6 laps of tulle. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

Tutu waning 6447

Price €73.77
Tutu with a flat, soft and flat, formed by 7 layers of soft tulle, with a maximum length of 35 cm in women sizes. THE body is characterized by an...

Tutu girl with collar 6455

Price €61.48
the Tutu from little girl with small contura, which outlines the life and collar with bow. Skirt with tufts of tulle to contrast. COSTUME...

The middle of degas ballet 6433

Price €80.33
Tutu with long medium degas, just above the knee, with body lycra light is outlined by stitching and faux camica sleeves came down to the balloon,...

The middle of degas with lace 6438

Price €102.46
Tutu with long medium degas, just above the knee, with a small insert cross outlined by the lace, the cups, the lace is doubled and the rain fell...

The middle of degas with ruched 6444

Price €102.46
Tutu with long medium degas, i.e. above the knee, with insert naked breast, outlined by a small frill in the spark that continues on the straps and...

Degas NAPLES 6449

Price €110.66
Degas with a corset cross, the top part is curled with the effect, fake shirt, puff sleeves and neckline trimmed with frill. A wide skirt and...

Degas ballet 6446

Price €106.56
the Tutu degas with length below the knee with a body made of printed lycra, with inset shirred breast highlighted by the lace and the bow. Tulle...

Degas with bow 6441

Price €91.80
Degas with the body in smooth velvet, outlined by inserts in lycra in contrast colour and bow. The neckline is embellished from the spark curled...

Degas with body decorated 6435

Price €73.77
the Tutu degas with 4 layers of tulle, and the first layer in spark, that makes the skirt less voluminous and very light. The body straps has an...

Tutu, classical ballet mod. 6439

Price €81.97
Dress, with sweetheart neckline highlighted from'insert into micromesh nude color and the little ruffles on the shoulders. Full tulle skirt hard...

Tutu, classical ballet mod 6431

Price €67.21
the Tutu for ballet with the insert in the micromesh transparent. TAILORED GARMENTS, CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS AND SIZES. Made-to-order.

Tutu, ballet half-thigh mod 6440

Price €102.21
Tutu with small insert string defined by sequins and lace bust dubbed. Shirring at the breast effect blouse with frill of lace on neck and straps....

Tutu ballet 6432

Price €77.05
Tutus for ballet with shirred bust, insert nude, frill on the breast that continues on the straps. TAILORED garments, CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS AND...

Tutu dance girl by bird, POLLY

Price €54.34
Tutus for little girl from little bird with a frill from the neck and continues on the arms. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

The Costume dance girl Pussy

Price €50.82
Dress, girl, kitten, or pet with the insert effect tummy and frill in contrast to the neck and arms. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

Degas short mod. 6430

Price €89.34
Tutu degas short with waist skirt and the first layer in spark. The bust is decorated by a spark clipped, outlined by ribbons healed from the bow...

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6429

Price €96.72
Tutu academic with lace bust outlined from the intersection and lace. The upper part is clamped and the neckline is outlined by a wide cape with a...

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6428

Price €63.11
the Tutu academic with a neckline and straps trimmed with a small frill. Bust outlined from the insert to the front with crosses.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6427

Price €75.41
the Tutu academic with a great insert outlined by the sequins and cape taffeta draped extends from the sequins.

Dress tailoring, and mod. 2359

Price €53.28
Dress with satin bow is tied. Skirt with satin trim top and small in contrast.

Dress tailoring, and mod. 2358

Price €50.82
Dress with neck shirred trimmed with a bow and cap sleeves in spark. The woman in spark-double.

Dress tailoring, and mod. 2357

Price €53.28
Dress with bust velvet, insert and puff sleeves and lace neckline and deep back. Skirt in satin.

Dress tailoring, and mod. 2356

Price €59.02
the Dress with the top part and sleeves in lace. Neckline behind a-line skirt in sparkle double layer, with a wavy effect.

Dress tailoring, and mod. 2355

Price €57.38
Dress with belt and big bow, skirt in two-colour lycra and spark of the two lengths.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6426

Price €53.28
The tutu two-tone, with small ruffles and straps trimmed with frill in spark. Skirt climbing with the first layer of sparkle in contrast.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6425

Price €63.93
Tutu with the bust in voile with lurex outlined by the sash and bow detailing and rich frill at the neckline. The skirt is edged by a satin ribbon.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6424

Price €57.38
the Tutu short dress with sweetheart neckline voile, pizzolo collar and small belt in contrast. Cover tutu lycra.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6423

Price €61.48
Tutu with insert in a contrasting outlined from the intersection of the ribbon of the satin and the lace. Small sleeves came down in the spark and...

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6422

Price €61.48
Tutu with lace bust trimmed with a great pink sparkle-tone pattern. The skirt with the first layer in spark with a wavy effect, in a contrasting...

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6421

Price €50.82
Tutu with neck cross. Straps crossed on the back and the skirt with a small hem in satin.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6420

Price €59.02
Tutu with the insert in the contrast outlined by the goatee. The skirt with the first layer in spark topped by drapes of lycra.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6417

Price €45.90
the Tutu one shoulder trimmed with pink sparkle. Skirt with three layers scaled bordered by ribbon of satin.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6419

Price €59.02
Tutu with cape and lace bow. Skirt trimmed with lace and ribbon rose.

Dress, tailoring, and mod. 6418

Price €55.74
Tutu with cap sleeves in lace, body, and walls in fabric with lurex. The skirt decorated by lace and ribbon with lurex.

Degas with embroidery glitter

Price €102.46
Degas with 4 rounds of tulle cut not-to-wheel, with the body and the first layer decorated with a bright floral pattern. The body is lined.


Price €45.90
Dress the fish with inserts two-tone on the body, and tufts of tulle on the skirt. Hairstyle is not included.


Price €49.18
Tutu with the symbol of the playing cards and the hem in the color. Available in 4 versions of the suits of the cards from play

Dress, penguin or bird mod. Lulu

Price €56.97
Tutu with bodysuit turtleneck featuring an inset of the heart lined with sequins and decorated by marabut. Skirt two layers of tulle trimmed with...

Costume harem mod. 2352

Price €63.93
Full harem consists of top lycra metallic gold, pants, sparkle with walls made of lycra, metallic and hairstyle for the head in the spark.

Dress in the style of Carmen mod. 2351

Price €54.10
Dress with insert naked with crosses on the body, and frill in contrast, which also continues on the rear neckline and long lace sleeves to the...

The tutu mod. 6383

Price €83.61
Tutu with cups draped on the breast and the bodice is highlighted by the frill and lace of gold, which is also captured on the plate.

Degas short mod. 6382

Price €92.30
Degas with skirt above the knee, with the first layer of flocked tulle and a small copritutù lycra with lace gold. The body of the bustier is...

The tutu mod. 6381

Price €106.56
Tutu with leotard lycra opaque and decorated with a small frill at the neckline, a bow and borders in lycra lurex contrast, both in front of and...

Degas mod. 6380

Price €108.20
Degas with balloon sleeves, small insert flesh-colored and rose and corset in velvet with ribbons and stitching in lurex. The skirt is decorated...

The tutu mod. 6379

Price €81.97
Tutu with leotard lycra opaque decorated with ribbons and bow detailing in contrasting satin, with a small frill at the neckline. The plate is...

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