LYRA: New Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe

Gaynor Minden, celebrates its 30th anniversary with the introduction of a new line of pointe shoes: LYRA.

The new premium line of LYRA pointe shoes, is made with a completely new, more flexible construction method that, together with premium satin, creates an effortless roll-through, high mid-toe and secure alignment.

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Gaynor Minden's tradition of innovation continues

LYRA continues Gaynor Minden's tradition of innovation with the new premium weave satin, a proprietary yarn blend woven in Italy and exclusive to Gaynor Minden. It uses the same soles, unbreakable molded boxes, and original Roger's Corp. padding. Poron® Performance that have been the foundation of Gaynor's products for 30 years.

Flexibility and transition through the mid-toe are further enhanced by LYRA's vegan, flexible outsole.

Premium Weave
in Soft Satin

Vegan Microfiber
Flexible Outsole

New Flexible

Cushioning and Quietness
In Poron®Microcellular

"LYRA is a constellation; it is shaped like a harp or a lyre. I like the musical connection."

Eliza Minden, design manager and co-founder

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