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A leotard is the essential, must-have item in every dancer’s wardrobe, whether with thin, thick, or spaghetti straps, short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless, with a high neck or super-low cut.

Today, the market offers a vast selection of dance leotards ranging from the most basic dancewear to more elegant, unique outfits for stage performances, auditions, or concerts.

How to choose the right leotard

Are their certain rules for choosing the right leotard?

First of all, let’s see who’s wearing it. Little girls taking dance lessons will love pink in all its different shades. Short sleeves are handy to cover undergarments worn during the colder months, and a little skirt (possibly sewn onto the leotard) is sure to make every girl smile!

You could even opt for a mini tutu with soft and puffy tulle to make her feel like a real ballerina, and which can be doubled up as a costume for the end-of-year concert.

If you have a somewhat “stricter” dance uniform in mind, a wide strap leotard is perfect for introductory or beginners’ courses. It can be in cotton or microfibre, in white – like in the most prestigious dance academies – or other colours, which should nonetheless be subtle.

What’s your favourite colour?

Alongside the classics like pink, lilac and light blue, dancewear companies offer a truly vast range of colours. Leotards can be green, yellow, or grey, but most importantly they come in a variety of shades to give the dance school or company uniform its own distinguishing look.

In these cases, whether or not to add a skirt will be up to the teacher. It might be useful to position the arms, for example when performing character steps, or to add a touch of elegance to classic and modern dance classes, whether for open or educational performances.

RAD collections, apart from having a specific model indicated for each level with well-defined colours, normally also include an elastic waist belt. This helps define the waistline and makes it easier to control hip alignment.

What’s the occasion and what’s the context?

The second thing to think about when choosing a leotard is the occasion or context where it will be worn.

Those who want to amaze and stand out starting precisely from their class leotard – whether little girls or professional dancers – can choose from truly exquisite collections featuring inserts, different fabrics and necklines to make a good impression.

These leotards are also perfect as stage outfits, for auditions, or to “treat yourself” if the school or teacher hasn’t requested a uniform.

Collector’s leotard

This is the case for example with the So Dança fashion line, which continually presents new leotards in addition to its best-sellers proposed year after year. Products that stem from research into design, quality materials and comfort, with leotards that are always lined, in soft microfibre fabrics, with a perfect fit.

Not to mention the enchanting Créateur Collection by Ballet Rosa, which has been setting classic dancewear fashion trends for some years now. It has become a benchmark thanks to its unique leotards embellished with lace inserts, embroidery, exclusive cuts and stylish, sophisticated colour combinations. The brand’s logo is printed on all their leotards.

Even the Wear moi range is renewed every year. Truly inspiring collections featuring flocked prints, floral stretch tulle, geometric lace and ever-perfect cuts, which are highly appreciated when worn.

Leotards for intermediate and advanced courses

All companies have lines of more basic uniform leotard models, Bloch, Capezio, So Dança as the leaders. But even brands usually known for their more exclusive lines, such as Ballet Rosa or Wear moi, make more basic uniform leotards, obviously with great attention to product quality.

In intermediate or advanced classes, or adult dance classes, you are spoiled for choice! In this case, bib leotards, with breast support, inner lining, and medium or plunging necklines, are all the rage.

In recent years, microfiber or tactel are supplanting cotton because of its greater softness and colorfastness. Cross braces, lace details, princess seams that outline the bust line, along with the empire cut of the leotard are always appreciated.

Along with black, shades of gray, blue, dark green or burgundy are also preferred, however darker tones, at least as far as studio leotards are concerned. Clean lines are preferred in modern dance classes, even with high necks and wide openings in the back.

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