Unmistakable Russian style

Grishko pointe shoes are the most famous “Russian-style” pointe shoes available worldwide. Their elegant profile, meticulous choice of materials, and the craftsmanship of each hand-made shoe, makes them the preferred pointe shoe of professional and amateur dancers alike.

The range of Grishko pointe shoes includes models for all levels, from beginner to advanced and even professional dancers. The famous, most elegant and best-selling Grishko 2007 pointe shoe offers the advantage of being available in 3 different shank hardness levels (M-H-SH) and two widths (XXX-XXXX).

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The Grishko crowning jewel

The Grishko 2007 pointe is also available in a version with super soft shank (SS), perfect for beginners, and goes by the name of Novice.

Traditional models, namely the Grishko Fouetté, Maya and Vaganova pointe shoes, have been joined by models that combine experience in pointe shoe making with latest-generation materials that guarantee high performance and durability

Fit and comfort

The Grishko Dream pointe shoe is lined with soft and velvety Memory Foam. It has a thermoplastic full shank that continues all the way to the platform for greater stability and to help dancers lift and lower from their pointe.

The ¾ shank also supports the instep, even if pronounced, by providing the right placement and form. Last but not least is the excellent value for money, making Grishko pointe shoes competitive not only in terms of beauty and quality, but also price.

At Danzashop.com you can find all Grishko models available on the market: Grishko Fouetté, Triumph, Grishko Vaganova, the Novice beginners’ pointe, Maya I, the pointe shoe for wide feet Grishko Elite, Novaflex pointe shoes and the new Dream Pointe.

Want more detailed information about the tips?

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The most famous Grishko tips

  • Grishko 2007 Pointe Shoes

    Price €69.67
    The 2007 is Grishko's most popular pointe shoe model and fits a remarkable variety of feet. Its anatomical form was designed to relieve pressure...
    • -4.17%

    Mirella Whisper Pointe Shoe...

    Regular price €61.48 -4.17% Price €58.91
    This whisper quiet and lightweight pointe shoe features a flexible shank at the heel which allows weight distribution to transfer to the heel...
  • Grishko Dream Pointe Shoes

    Price €69.67
    Dream Pointe is a revolutionary pointe shoes based on the last Grishko 2007 and represents the perfect balance among tradition and innovation. The...