Grishko Ballet Pointe Shoes

Unique Russian Style

Grishko Ballet Pointe Shoes are the most famous Russian styled Pointe Shoes in the whole international market. The elegance of the shape, the choice of material with utmost attention, handmade shoes make them to be preferred by professional and beginner dancers.

Grishko Pointe Shoes range includes models suitable for different level, from first pointes to professionals’ ones.

Grishko strong pointe Pointe Shoe model

Model 2007 is also available with softer shank (SS). This model is ideal for beginners and it sold and known as Novice model. Grishko puts beside models as Fouttè, Maya and Vaganova models that combine great experience in producing ballet shoes and the use of latest generation material in order to assure always high performances and long lasting.

Wearability and comfortability

Grishko Dream Pointe features a Memory Foam soft inner pad, thermoformable insole in order to help ballerinas in “on pointe” work. Moreover, ¾ insole helps instep supporting it in the right way even though it results to be evident. Last but not least we have to take into account the excellent price/quality ratio. Hence this model is competitive not only for quality and aesthetic but also for the economic aspect.

On our online store you can find all Grishko models: Grishko Fouettè, Triumph, Grishko Vaganova, first pointe model Novice, Maya I, Grishko Elite width feet, Novaflex and the new Dream Pointe.

The most famous Grishko points

  • Grishko 2007 Pointe Shoes

    Price €69.67
    The 2007 is Grishko's most popular pointe shoe model and fits a remarkable variety of feet. Its anatomical form was designed to relieve pressure...
    • -€6.00

    Grishko Dream Pointe Shoes

    Regular price €69.67 -€6.00 Price €63.67
    Dream Pointe is a revolutionary pointe shoes based on the last Grishko 2007 and represents the perfect balance among tradition and innovation. The...

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