How can we choose the best model?

Dance has many peculiarities, but it does not mean that is made only of sequins, nice shoes and dresses. Dance essentially is a way of expressing oneself and one’s personality.

The choice of the right shoes is the first step of achieving excellent results both if you’re dancing for amusement or for competitions. Therefore, it is important to know very well one’s own feet and its flaws in order to get a perfect fit which allows you to technically dance in a better way and to feel comfortable during the performance.

How many and what varieties of dance shoes can you find at Danzashop?

Shoes for standard dance, Caribbean, tap, flamenco, tango, Latin American dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes, character for adults and children from the best brands in the industry, also customizable to your own foot and needs.

Flexibility and comfort for dance shoes designed with every performer's foot in mind, an indispensable aid that is also a trendy artifact that certainly doesn't go unnoticed!

Choose the model, the sole, the sole and, finally, the aesthetics.

With the presence of the best brands in the dance shoe industry and a wide variety of choices for all dance genres, DanzaShop is able to offer a range of offerings to please even the most demanding dance professionals.

The ability, in addition, to have custom-made shoes made allows us to expand our offerings and help those with specific issues by making the dance experience more comfortable for everyone.

Dancewear: our proposals

Beside to shoes range we also offer made-to-measure and high quality customized ballroom, Caribbean dresses, with frills, shorts dresses, skirts and men apparel.

Get in contact with us for novelties, discounts, reserved price list and services for all those who love dancing and want to shine and be special on dancefloor.

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