If you own a school, with Danzashop you have everything you need

Yes, that’s right! Because Danzashop has two souls. One dedicated to dancers and enthusiasts, who can find all the products they need, available immediately and ready for delivery.

And the other dedicated to dance schools, for whom Danzashop is a reliable partner, always ready and willing to find the perfect solution for every occasion: for uniforms at the start of the year, beginners’ pointe shoes and restocking, gadgets to give as gifts, and costumes and accessories for concerts.

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Why choose Danzashop?

We empathise with teachers, perceive how they feel and understand what they need. Our experience allows us to provide ideal solutions to meet various needs, including exclusivity, quality and price.

To do so, we partner with numerous companies, from large dance brands to small, private workshops. And thanks to our versatility and widespread network of suppliers, we are able to meet and exceed customer expectations, because we make a point of keeping schools up to date on the latest developments we can offer to improve our service, and their work.

Dance uniforms

Beginners’ pointe shoes and restocking

Gadgets to give away

Costumes and accessories for concerts

That is why with DanzaShop a school can also have what is not there, for the dedicated, exclusive and personalized service we will offer you every day.

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