Hand-crafted professional quality Bloch pointe shoes

The world of Bloche products is far-reaching and varied. Whether you need a basic uniform leotard or fashionable outfit with lace and unique details, various types of shoes, accessories and bags, every product’s common denominator is high quality.

Bloch has been making pointe shoes since 1932 and their product range includes models to suit all dancers as they progress from beginner to professional level.

Bloch S0135 Demi-pointe shoes help dancers prepare for pointe work; the leather shank makes them tougher than a normal demi-pointe, but is perfect for building foot and ankle strength.

From the “demi” pointe we move on to the beginners’ pointe with a pre-curved shank, wide platform and comfortable sole to avoid trauma and facilitate the right approach to using pointe shoes.

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Beginners’ pointe shoes

Of all Bloch pointe shoes, the most innovative beginners’ model is no doubt the Whisper Mirella MS104, caressing the foot like a “whisper” thanks to the soft lining and padded platform.

Similarly designed for beginner dancers is the Hannah model, which guarantees support and flexibility, just like the Amelie model with its V-shaped vamp.

The B-Morph model too, despite being a pointe shoe designed for intermediate/advanced levels, is also suitable as a beginners’ pointe shoe thanks to the pre-curved shank and use of TMT technology glue, which when heated allows the shoe to be perfectly adapted to the foot.

The wide platform also promotes stability, and the wide sole makes it very comfortable and especially suitable for wider feet.

Fit and comfort

Each pointe has different characteristics, making it possible to satisfy all needs in terms of fit, shank hardness, and level of work.

EMost Bloch pointe shoes have a U-shaped vamp and wide platform giving them a more “American” style, and normally have medium shank hardness.

EMany of the models, however, can also be adapted to more professional levels such as the famous Serenade (also available in a strong version), the Alpha with its ¾ sole, the Grace, and the Aspiration.

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