Bloch Pointe Shoes

High professional quality and handmade Ballet Pointe Shoes.

Bloch offers a wide and varied range of products, but the common dominator is high quality whether it concerns basic studio leotards or fashion ones, shoes, bags and accessories. Since 1932 Bloch has been manufacturing Ballet points shoes able to lead dancers from beginners to advanced level. Demi-Pointes S0135 helps ballet dancers in preparing for pointe work. The leather insole makes them more though than a ballet slipper but, they’re perfect to build strength in feet and ankles. Then, we have beginners’ models that feature a pre-curved insole, wide platform and comfortable sole to avoid trauma and to facilitate the right approach to pointe shoes.

Beginners’ Pointe Shoe models.

Among all Bloch’s model Whisper Mirella MS140 is for sure the most innovative one because it ”brushes” the feet with smooth covering and lining. Hannah model is also designed as first pointe because it assures stability and comfortability, as well as Amelie pointe shoes that features V shaped vamp. Although B-morph is intermediate-advanced model, it can be suggested as first pointe too because of its pre-curved insole and its leading TMT technology. The unique TMT™ paste becomes pliable when heat activated with a hair dryer, enabling the dancer to mold the shoes to the individual contours of the feet providing superior comfort. The wide platform encourages balance and the large sole makes the shoes more comfortable and they are ideal for large sole feet.

Wearability and comfortability

All pointe shoes models meet all needs as wearability, shank and work level. Most of models features U shaped vamp and medium shank. However, many models are suggested for more professional level as for example Serenade Pointe Shoes (available in strong shank), ¾ sole model Alpha, Grace and Aspiration.

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Stretch pointe shoes represent altogether an innovation because it solve the problem of exceeding satin when feet rise onto pointe. Dramatica S01732 Axis Stretch is ideal for those dancers with shorter foot toes.

Bloch iconic models

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