Theme Costumes

Dress pierrot PIERRINE

Price €45.90
Delizoso dress, pierrot, with 4-ply spark, hose, double, 3 pom pom and black profiles. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost variables.

The Costume of pierrot TERRI'

Price €51.97
Costume pierrot composed by the tunic in lycra with rouge at the neck, edging black, 3-button placket, printed and pants with elastic waist....

Costume parisian BERARD

Price €45.08
Complete ispifrazione French composed of t-shirt in striped cotton, ribbing on neck and sleeves, and pants capri lycra with neckline. Mates with...

Costume paris PARIS

Price €27.87
Costume paris format by a dress in striped cotton, lycra band and the skirt is in venice. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost...

Lace panties - one Size Woman

Price €11.48
lace Panties.

Costume classical dance LADY 2364

Price €69.67
Dress for ballet long sleeved leotard made of lycra with gold light, and liner enriched by leaps inpizzo, sequins and bows. Skirt and satin...

The Costume dance girl 2365

Price €55.74
Costume for modern dance or classical with body in lycra and cap sleeves in voile with lurex and sparkle. Small belt at the waist to swap the...

Dress, girl polka dot 6451

Price €77.87
Cute dress, little girl with pody polka dot with ruching and bow and ruffles skirt in alternating layers in patterned and striped voile, solid...

Tutu from little girl MINUET 6452

Price €67.21
the Tutu from girl with maichette slightly decreased to balloon, and with a corset in printed lycra embellished with satin bow and faux walls to...

Tutu from little girl WHIM 6454

Price €63.93
the Tutu from girl with a body to it'american lycra fantasy, with shoulders and back bare, and bow small belt at the waist. Above the knee length...

Tutu dance girl by bird, POLLY

Price €54.34
Tutus for little girl from little bird with a frill from the neck and continues on the arms. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

The Costume dance girl Pussy

Price €50.82
Dress, girl, kitten, or pet with the insert effect tummy and frill in contrast to the neck and arms. COSTUME TAILORING, MADE-TO-ORDER

Set for costume flamingo

Price €15.98
Set to costume flamingo composed by cap and tutulette. One size child.

Costume Butterfly

Price €26.23
Lovely costume as a butterfly with wide skirt decorated.

Costume doctor

Price €28.69
Costume doctor-consisting of shirt, pants, and shirts. Accessories not included.

Brilliant red cape with sleeve

Price €20.49
Brilliant red cape with a hood and sleeve, made in velvet, lined in satin silver color, with fur. Closure at the neck with velcro and a bow.One size.

Witch Costume little girl

Price €18.03
Witch Costume consisting of dress with sleeves sheer and a hat.

Elf Costume child.

Price €24.59
Elf Costume in a female version, with dress and hat, ears and braids.

Costume GREASER GIRL women

Price €32.79
Costume women's style T-Birds, consisting of jacket and leggings. The top in the photos is not included with the costume.

Dress lyrical CANDLELIGHT 10691

Price €94.26
Dress the retro flavour made with body in opaque lycra lined externally in lace, with long sleeves and high collar with satin bow. The skirt is...

Body without sleeves a little girl

Price €12.30
the Body made of polyester, very light and elastic, sleeveless. Perfect as a base for carnival costumes, performances, essays of the dance.

Full-Gangster baby

Price €36.89
The pinstripe suit gangster composed by shirt with tie, jacket, pants. Available in sizes child.

Costume from Mary Poppins

Price €32.79
the Costume from Mary Poppins composed by skirt, jacket, mock shirt with bow tie and hat.

Shirt large woman - Size M women's

Price €18.03
woman Shirt with elastic at the neckline and puffed sleeves. Size M (42-44)

Costume tamer of the circus

Price €49.18
Costume tamer consisting of jacket, waistcoat with shirt and bow tie, pants, hat, whip.

Costume Pippi Longstocking

Price €20.49
Costume Pippi Longstocking with a striped knit and smock. Stockings and wig are not included.

Costume pirate

Price €32.79
Costume pirate with a fake shirt, and ribbons crossed. The hat is included.

Costume Harlequin

Price €28.69
The Costume of Harlequin satin, with a tunic, pants, belt and hat.


Price €24.59
'DOOMSDAY DEMON' (robe with hood)

Dress Charleston 7355

Price €32.79
Dress charleston one shoulder with fringes, lurex, edge paiettato, wrap head with feathers and collar.

Costume witch

Price €22.95
Costume witch with the upper part in chenille with black ribbons in neon colors and a full skirt of tulle trimmed in lace, edged in tape fluo. A...
  • -€7.00

Geisha Costume

Regular price €20.49 -€7.00 Price €13.49
geisha Costume satin flower with belt in sponge with a large back bow. The range of the photo is not included. Size L girl's (8-10 years).

Full vest, and trousers from Arabic

Price €31.15
Complete consisting of waistcoat, velvet trousers and Arabic. Perfect for the costume from Aladdin. One size adult.

Costume sultan

Price €31.97
The Costume of the sultan, composed of tunic, belt and turban.
  • -€14.00

Dress with crinoline

Regular price €26.23 -€14.00 Price €12.23
Dress with polyester skirt in soft tulle shirred effect crinoline and ribbon to tie at the waist. One size for woman.

Costume bandit Arabic

Price €20.49
Costume bandit Arabic consisting of vest, pants and hat. One size of a man.

Suit skydiver

Price €39.34
Costume from a paratrooper of the special forces consisting of jumpsuit with straps, vest, and hood. Toy weapons not included.

Suit by jet pilot

Price €22.95
the Suit by a former jet fighter pilot with the coat of arms of the american on the arm.

Costume Can-Can

Price €40.98
Dress dancer can-can bodice with sequinned and trimmed in marabou. The dress includes sleeves and garter. Assorted colors.

Costume from Super Mario

Price €16.39
Costume from Super Mario composed of a jumpsuit and hat.
  • -€5.00

Costume convict

Regular price €16.39 -€5.00 Price €11.39
Costume convict composed of jacket, pants and hat. Sizes from child.

Costume Pirate for girls

Price €20.49
Costume Pirate, composed of dress, belt and bandana.
  • -€5.00

Costume policewoman

Regular price €24.59 -€5.00 Price €19.59
Costume policewoman composed from a suit to shorts with belt and hat. Women's sizes

Set fairy 96541

Price €17.21
Set of fairy in green color. Includes the skirt, wand and wings.

Set by Angel 190

Price €11.48
Set from angel composed by kilt to the tips of tulle and wings with a white bow. All with decorations that glitter in the light-giving.

Cloak with hood

Price €15.49
Hooded black cloak. Length 142 cm.

Costume Indian DanzaShop 0274

Price €16.39
Costume Indian. Includes a tunic, pants, belt and head band. Sizes men's. For sizes from child see article 0261.

Costume Indian DanzaShop 0261

Price €12.30
Costume Indian. Includes a tunic, pants, belt and head band. Sizes from child. For size man see article 0274.

Dress by Goddess of Olympus

Price €26.23
the Dress of a Greek, short, with a band for the head made with leaves of laurel in plastic in gold color.

Costume egyptian queen for girls

Price €34.43
Costume egyptian queen for girls. Includes dress, belt, collar, wristbands, headpiece, cape.

Costume Queen Medieval

Price €26.23
Costume queen medieval for girls composed of dress and crown with veil.

Costume Cow Girl CC49

Price €26.23
Costume cow girl composed by abitom hat and kerchief for the neck. Boot covers not included.

Set from Butterfly DanzaShop D193

Price €10.98
Set Butterfly-composed by tutulette and wings. One size.

Dress charleston for girls

Price €20.49
Wedding style, charleston is entirely covered by fringes. Leather trimmings gold at the neckline and band for head with feather included.

Military suit \'G. I. JANE\'

Price €26.23
Military suit with shorts, belt and hat.

The hustle and bustle in organza red and black

Price €18.03
Tail composed of ruched tulle in black and red, to tie at the waist by a satin ribbon. Perfect for costumes from the taste of the Spanish,...

Costume lady medieval

Price €26.23
Dress a lady with a medieval bodice and bonnet are included.

Costume from Pinocchio

Price €16.39
Costume from Pinocchio for children, consisting of overalls with a big bow, vest and hat.

Jacket frack in satin black 879

Price €20.49
Jacket frack in black satin by woman.

Kit for costume fairy DS088

Price €16.39
Kit for costume fairy wings, skirt and a headband with a pretty flower. Ideal for dance shows, carnival and fancy dress for theme nights.
  • -€3.20

Wings angel 8644H

Regular price €12.95 -€3.20 Price €9.75
the Wings of an angel white with base of hard cardboard covered with feathers, and elastic suspenders for wearing with ease.

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