Costumi Danza Moderna Sartoriali

Costume parisian BERARD

Price €45.08
Complete ispifrazione French composed of t-shirt in striped cotton, ribbing on neck and sleeves, and pants capri lycra with neckline. Mates with...


Price €56.56
Academic full lycra with zip closure, double bands are applied. Other colours available on request. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping...

Tracksuit hip hop VEGETA

Price €48.93
Suit for hip hop or for the free time, composed of jacket short the fabric hipster pink, and lycra, the hood and zip and trousers wide lycra bands...

Short contemporary KABBALA

Price €13.93
Short with a high waist lycra, with gambatura contemporary. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost variables.

Maxi jersey DALLAS

Price €38.93
the Maxi-shirt with printing, made of lycra and fabric paiettato. Paris not included. Other colours available on request. ARTICLE TAILORING:...

Jersey man INDIVIUS

Price €57.95
the Tunic, men's long sleeves lycra and tulle stretch and side slits. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost variables.

Jacket in military style KABALA

Price €40.00
Giacchino to mancihe long lycra with high collar and zip closure, gold buttons, studs, kilt. Culottes and parisian not included, sold separately....

Full military style DEVUSHKA

Price €61.97
Complete hip hop in the style of the military composed of this jacket has a denim-semi-elastic, studs and coats of arms applied, zip closure and...

Full hip hop PHYTON

Price €58.93
Complete hip hop compotso sweatshirt, lycra with a hood and zip, bands of lycra reptile print and the gold, and printing serprente on the back. The...

Full hip hop NIKKA

Price €46.31
Complete hip-hop composed by t-shirt soft short sleeve tricolour leggings flag. Other colours available on request. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery...

Complete modern dance MARGARITA

Price €55.98
Complete for modern dance, composed by asymmetrical top with one long sleeve and tutulette 5 veils scaled, two-tone, mounted on a short lycra....

Full contemporary dance ISTELIA

Price €53.93
Full composed of top in lycra with drape tulle, stretch white/gold or black/gold and short lycra skirts with two side slits. ARTICLE TAILORING:...

Complete basketball DENVER

Price €52.95
Complete hip hop compotso by t-shirt in felpina cotton with printed sleeves, the tricolour and short basketball combined. Other colours available...

Academic long-SCORPIUS

Price €70.00
the Suit academic in lycra fantasy with mesh inserts on the neckline, on the sleeves and at the sides of the legs. Wide opening on the back....

Dress contemporary dance SVETLANA

Price €43.93
Dress petticoat for contemporary dance in lycra, crisscross front with front opening and pant. Other colours are available on request. ARTICLE...

Suit academic asymmetrical BRILLIANT

Price €57.95
Academic asymmetrical tulle stretch white/gold or black/silver, pant, lined, top monomanica lined front. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and...

Maxi shirt VENETIA

Price €35.98
Camiciona in seville with collar, cuffs and central band in lycra. The Top and culottes are not included. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and...

Full contemporary dance IPHIGENIA

Price €52.95
Complete dnza contemporary composed top bretellina lycra with lace insert and pants culottein lace, with side slits, mounted on the pant high. For...

Jersey man OLIANDRO

Price €40.08
worn-out man for contemporary dance in lycra and seville on the theme with the sides asymmetric, with a long sleeve. ARTICLE TAILORING time...

Academic short STYLISH

Price €45.90
Academic short with t-shirt insertata tulle stretch black/silver or white/gold. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost variables.

Academic short LUXURIA

Price €55.98
Academic short sleeved lycra and tulle stretch black/silver. Wide opening on the back. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping cost...

Dress with asymmetrical skirt SHANETTE

Price €49.96
Dress fabric venice, high neck, bell sleeves, asymmetrical skirt. Co-administered colors on request. ARTICLE TAILORING: delivery time and shipping...

Costume style empire 2367

Price €55.74
Costume dance for girls in the empire style straps trimmed with lace and a flared skirt and gathered at the waist composed of two layers of sparkle...

The Costume dance girl 2365

Price €55.74
Costume for modern dance or classical with body in lycra and cap sleeves in voile with lurex and sparkle. Small belt at the waist to swap the...

Costume dance modern LOLA

Price €62.70
the Costume in cabaret style with body effect vest, collar with cravattivo and skirt two ruffles of tulle and edged in ribbon laminate. COSTUME...

Dress, girl polka dot 6451

Price €77.87
Cute dress, little girl with pody polka dot with ruching and bow and ruffles skirt in alternating layers in patterned and striped voile, solid...

Tutu from little girl MINUET 6452

Price €67.21
the Tutu from girl with maichette slightly decreased to balloon, and with a corset in printed lycra embellished with satin bow and faux walls to...

Tutu from little girl WHIM 6454

Price €63.93
the Tutu from girl with a body to it'american lycra fantasy, with shoulders and back bare, and bow small belt at the waist. Above the knee length...

The dress mod. 1647

Price €63.93
Dress with boat neck, deep open V back and small belt fabric Prisma Light on the life. Tutulette three color flounced unequal climbing.

The dress mod. 1644

Price €46.72
Dress to short with broad shoulders and a high neck. Skirt in satin fabric in two lengths with deep side slits overlapping.

The dress mod. 1645

Price €42.62
Dress with insert in micromesh and skirt open and rounded. The straps are double cross on the back and walk outside of the beach to the microshort.

The dress mod. 1646

Price €59.84
Dress with neckline and sleeves in micromesh. Skirt in satin with tips highlighted from the contrast edge. Neckline is deep and wide behind.

Suit mod. 7164

Price €50.82
Suit with legs for soft cigarette and bust a contrast highlighted by drapes and buttons.

Suit mod. 7163

Price €40.98
Jumpsuit with the legs soft and flared below the knee, and the life outlined by the corset in polka dots. Contrast edges on the armhole.

Complete with short mod. 3431

Price €63.11
Corset and tied under the breasts with a double ruffle of satin fabric and bare shoulders. Short printed jeans with waistband and side bands in...

Full skirt with disk mod. 3430

Price €59.84
Bustier top and front in fabric, Voile Tiffany. Skirt disc laced on microshort fabric spark with the edge Voile Tiffany.

Complete with tutulette mod. 3429

Price €90.16
Accented two-tone one-shoulder with asymmetric hem with the edges and cuffs fabric Prism of the Lagoon. Tutulette with layers scaled and panty...

The dress mod. 1641

Price €57.38
Dress with collar and hemming fabric Prisma Ice and walk outside of the beach a short. Skirt in spark with game lengths, and intersections.

Suit with shirt and tie mod. 7162

Price €59.84
short suits with shirt-type fabric satin insertata. Tie fabric Prism Star.

Dress with microshort mod. 1640

Price €65.57
Dress in lycra fabric Voile Swabian insertato front and back and side vents. Microshort matched.

The dress mod. 1639

Price €57.38
Dress with asymmetric neckline. Skirt in satin with insert contrast.

Complete with a skirt mod. 1311

Price €49.18
Playsuit with spaghetti straps and round neckline adorned with ruffles and contrast. Skirt in satin with asymmetrical ruffles and side slit.

Dress with microshort mod. 1637

Price €45.08
Dress in lycra asymmetrical microshort matched.

Suit mod. 7161

Price €53.28
the Suit with the neck on the list, and long sleeves with three soft drapes and 'dancing'.

Complete with skirt and no microshort mod. 3428

Price €83.61
Accented two-tone micromesh with cups lycra contrast. Skirt with fringe, and microshort paired with the skirt.

Complete with a skirt mod. 3426

Price €55.74
a Corset with two-tone crosses in front to the sleeves and very short. Skirt to tips strap with contrast sewing on the microshort.

Complete with a skirt mod. 3427

Price €53.28
Corset one-shoulder with mandarin collar and asymmetrical cut. Skirt with two-tone waistband and hemline-contrast stitched on microshort.

The dress mod. 1633

Price €61.48
Dress fabric Voile Chanel-neck wide-highlighted by the insert in micromesh and from the front draped. Skirt in spark-tone pattern of two lengths.

Dress one-shoulder mod. 1632

Price €59.02
Dress one-shoulder with the upper part made of fabric Skin Dior curled and outlined from the clamp. Skirt in satin with pointed symmetrical unequal.

Complete with pants mod. 3425

Price €61.48
Corset fabric Prisma Star with halter neck and bow tie. Pants soft to the paw.

The dress mod. 1631

Price €61.48
The dress with the top made of micromesh with high neckline soft and the life outlined by the fabric insertato Metal Gold. The skirt fabric in satin.

The dress mod. 2363

Price €61.48
Dress with seaming on the breast and neckline is embellished with sequins. The bust is outlined by golden decorations. Skirt in satin.

The dress mod. 2362

Price €53.28
Dress with lace bust outlined by a frill and wide shoulder straps. Skirt in satin in two lengths with side slits.

The dress mod. 2361

Price €47.54
Dress with insert in micromesh with a plunging neckline behind, retained by the crisscross straps. Skirt in spark asymmetrical in two lengths with...

The dress mod. 2360

Price €45.08
Dress with neckline outlined by insert micro-net with the game of crisscross straps back. Skirt in satin in two lengths, overlapped in front.

Dress with long skirt mod. 1628

Price €61.48
Dress with wide rear neckline and a wide skirt fabric: satin with small fans of fabric colored to contrast from side to side.

Dress style Marilyn mod. 1624

Price €53.28
Dress to short with halter style Marilyn, with insert at the waist in lycra and skirt and cups in voile with lurex silver.

Academic mod. 7157

Price €53.28
the Suit academic with trousers and top and lycra Skin skin color with the insert in the lycra outlined by lace. On the back c'is a large insert in...

Complete with short mod. 3418

Price €47.54
Complete consisting of microfiber top with double fabric hood lycra with sash sotteno, the center seam and edges of the sleeves in contrast. In...

A tunic with a skirt mod. 1619

Price €45.08
Tunic with polka dot fabric and central insert in lycra, either from the front or behind. Skirt folds delineated by a belt. Leggings or shorts are...

Academic one-shoulder mod. 7154

Price €26.23
Academic one-shoulder lycra opaque.

Tunic one-shoulder mod. 1618

Price €26.23
Tunic one-shoulder satin long sleeves flared and the tip side. Short not included; you can combine the swimsuit with one-shoulder mod. 7154.

Dress mod. 1617

Price €53.28
Dress with shirring at the breast and skirt in satin, as articulated at the waist with sequins.

Dress mod. 1616

Price €50.82
the Dress to short with wide straps, underbust band made of lycra with gold metallic, that's crosses behind the back. Asymmetrical skirt in sparkle...

Dress mod. 1615

Price €47.54
Dress with straps and sleeves to the elbow came down on the shoulders, gathers at the breast and skirt with ruffles and side slit.

Dress at the chess mod. 1612

Price €45.08
Dress made with woven stripes, polka dots and contrasting colours in the front and behind. The dress does not include body, microshort, and a hair...

Academic two-tone mod. 7153

Price €55.74
Academic body two-tone fabrics, stripes of lycra, lurex and micromesh. One leg is cut short, with a lace to tie around the leg. Collar tulle...

Dress with circle drive mod. 1611

Price €63.93
Dress with skirt, the disk body with inserts at bust and at bodice for a costume for a playful and alternative.

Academic mod. 7152

Price €61.48
Academic with fake shirt in satin and the side band in lurex on the sides.


Price €53.28
Complete with top with american neckline with a large drop behind and the woman in the satin panel it is mounted on a microshort. The costume is...

The complete top and shorts mod. 1605

Price €35.25
Complete consisting of top and shorts with inserts, zig zag two-tone.

Costume frack mod. 2354

Price €63.93
Academic code model frack and faux vest in fabric with lurex, sequins and buttons. Bow tie in lurex on the collar. Hat not included.

The dress mod. 2349

Price €49.18
Dress with square neckline, highlighted by an insert and straps to contrast. The asymmetrical skirt in voile has an insert in contrast and a slit...

The dress mod. 2345

Price €59.02
Dress with square neckline, highlighted by an insert and straps to contrast. The asymmetrical skirt in voile has an insert in contrast and a slit...

The dress mod. 2347

Price €56.97
The dress with deep neckline back V-insert micromesh front. Long sleeves voile transparent and skirt in satin, with deep side slits.

The dress mod. 2346

Price €56.97
The dress with deep neckline back and a wide skirt in satin with diagonal strap in velvet.

Dress one-shoulder 1594

Price €50.82
Dress one-shoulder with insert in a sleeve and to the skirt in a patterned fabric striped.
  • -€27.00

Academic with skirt 1591

Regular price €62.30 -€27.00 Price €35.30
the Suit academic with a lace top and skirt in tulle with asymmetrical seal lace up front.

Empire style dress with sleeves 2328

Price €45.08
Dress with the top lined in lace, with sleeves and skirt in lycra with side slits.

Dress with insert in voile 1590

Price €49.18
Dress with american neckline and triangular insert in voile nude color; skirt flared with side vents.

Dress in the insert in voile 1583

Price €45.90
the Dress with the wreath in voile on the bust; skirt with diagonal cut is made of lycra, while l'side insert in shorts is made of lycra lurex.

Flare gown in lace 2331

Price €26.23
flare Gown with sweetheart neckline all'american , to be worn on a body or on a complete top and coulotte. Body is not included.
  • -€20.10

Dress with sequins V180

Regular price €49.18 -€20.10 Price €29.08
Dress in opaque lycra with insert and edge of sleeves in knit paiettata and top with sleeves in net. Culottes in solid included. Other colours are...
  • -€21.00

Academic CLEAR

Regular price €49.18 -€21.00 Price €28.18
Academic-top, high neck, with a single sleeve, central insert in voile nude color and the lower part consisting of a long leg and a short....

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