Costume Accessories

Bowler Glitter Gold 28041

Price €2.46
Bowler glitter gold color.

Bowler Glittery Red

Price €2.46
Bowler hat glittery red color.

Bowler's Glittery Gold

Price €2.46
Bowler hat glittery gold color.

Bowler Hat Glittery Black

Price €2.46
Bowler hat glittery black color.

Bowler Glittery Silver

Price €2.46
Bowler hat glittery silver color.

Caps from animal disguises 3403A

Price €5.25
Caps of felt, with elastic thin.

Copristivale from Cowgirl

Price €13.93
boot covers from cowgirlco with fringe and flowers on a black background to contrast.

Strapless GOLD sequins 05919

Price €5.74
Couple of Epaulettetten (strapless) in gold sequins.

Tights with zebra stripes

Price €5.82
Tights with zebra stripes available in one size adult.

Cylinder chess

Price €9.84
Cylinder chess

Hat with hair

Price €12.30
Hat with hair

Cap from the Devil felt

Price €4.84
Cap from the Devil felt.

Gun ancient

Price €4.10
Gun, old plastic, ideal to complete costume from the pirate. Length 20 cm.

Gun pirate BA1097

Price €4.84
Gun pirate BA1097

Cuffs fluorescent

Price €4.84
Pair of cuffs fluorescent years '80

Set hawaiian 9132X

Price €2.46
Set consisting of necklace, bracelets and headband for the head, with flowers degrees and bright colours.

Mask in purple with feathers EM322

Price €12.21
Mask with feathers on side and ribbons and threads of beads decoration.

Fez red

Price €5.33
Hat model fex material that is flocked in red. One size.

The Mini-pitchfork from the devil

Price €2.46
the Mini-pitchfork from the devil in sequins. Length is 43 cm.

Fingerless gloves with studs

Price €4.10
Gloves with studs, fingerless, leather. One size adult.

hat BH497

Price €5.74
hat BH497

Red gloves long 1442R

Price €5.00
red Gloves elastane, length 37 cm.

Broom to sweep

Price €8.20
Broom to sweep, perfect for the ballet-inspired Mary Poppins!
  • -€0.40

Petals synthetic assorted red, pink and white

Regular price €2.87 -€0.40 Price €2.47
Pack of 150 rose petals assorted red, pink and white.
  • -€0.40

Petals synthetic pink

Regular price €2.87 -€0.40 Price €2.47
Pack of 150 petals of pink roses.


Price €2.46
nightstick in plastic with lanyard. Length 53 cm.

Fan white D125

Price €3.20
Fan-white lace.

Set fairy 96541

Price €17.21
Set of fairy in green color. Includes the skirt, wand and wings.

Wand Fairy GOLD D159

Price €2.05
Wand in the shape of a star with sequins and golden threads of light.

Maracas DanzaShop

Price €4.75
Pair of maracas two-tone plastic.

Chef's hat DanzaShop BH135

Price €4.10
Chef's hat.

Glasses by magician

Price €2.62
Round glasses plastic, measure from the child. Perfect to interpret the students, magicians, or Harry Potter character.

Hand broom witch 527

Price €4.92
Hand broom witch with threads lurex color. Length about 92 cm. Ideal for little girls. Assorted colors.

Leprechaun hat in red felt 3339

Price €3.28
Hat leprechaun or gnome in red felt. One size.

Leprechaun hat felt pink 0387

Price €3.28
Hat leprechaun or gnome in felt pink. One size.

Bowler hat in felt - MEASURE FROM the CHILD

Price €4.51
Bowler hat large black felt. Perfect with choreography in the style of cabaret, and ballet inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

Set black cat with a nose sound

Price €10.98
Set from the black cat composed by tail , bow tie, headband with ears and nose that emits a meow by pressing on the tip.

Set of the tiger sequin

Price €4.92
Set to tiger coated in sequins, composed of ears mounted on a headband, bow tie and tail.
  • -€1.90

Maxi bell Santa Claus DanzaShop 1509X

Regular price €7.70 -€1.90 Price €5.80
Maxi bell Santa Claus in brass 20 cm.
  • -€1.30

Coprichignon maxi Rudolf

Regular price €3.93 -€1.30 Price €2.63
Coprichignon maxi. Available in different colors.

Black wings 8671N

Price €14.34
feathered Wings, black colour.

Scepter with marabou 29186

Price €2.05
the Wand of plastic with a marabout, to fairies and queens of the Ice Kingdom.
  • -€2.00

Cap fashion pearl 5111P

Regular price €4.02 -€2.00 Price €2.02
Hats, fashion pearl, assorted in 4 colours.

Cylinder glitter black BH084

Price €2.46
Cylinder glitter black plastic.

Cylinder gold glitter BH080

Price €2.46
Cylinder glitter gold color plastic.

Leprechaun hat D211

Price €3.28
Hat imaginative from gnome or elf felt sold in assorted colors.
  • -€2.10

Guanti a rete 1476Z

Regular price €4.10 -€2.10 Price €2.00
Originali guanti a rete in colori fluo.
  • -€3.10

Guanti lunghi con piume DanzaShop D109

Regular price €8.20 -€3.10 Price €5.10
Guanti bianchi in lycra con rifinitura in piume, lunghi 37 cm. Taglia da adulto, adatti anche per uomo. Sono guanti ideali per costumi e look...

Gloves with sequins 3449E

Price €6.15
Gloves with sequins, available in size adult. Length 40 cm. Available in the colors red, black, white, and blue.
  • -€1.20

Ancora D171

Regular price €3.28 -€1.20 Price €2.08
Ancora in PVC. Altezza 50 cm. Disponibile in colori assortiti oro/argento.

Bandiera da Pirata D165

Price €10.33
Bandiera da pirata con teschio e ossa incrociate. Misura bandiera: 120x70 cm.
  • -€1.50

Guanti in pizzo

Regular price €4.51 -€1.50 Price €3.01
Guanti in pizzo senza dita. Colore nero. Misura unica da adulto.

Long gloves D107

Price €4.92
Gloves women's long 37 cm.

Guanti DanzaShop D103

Price €3.20
Guanti bianchi da adulto.
  • -€5.00

Guanti da bambina con marabout 3432B

Regular price €8.20 -€5.00 Price €3.20
Guanti glamour con rosellina e bordo con piume. Taglia unica da bambina.
  • -€1.50

Guanti Bambino DanzaShop W2E

Regular price €5.33 -€1.50 Price €3.83
Guanti corti neri da bambino.
  • -€1.50

Guanti Bambino DanzaShop W1E

Regular price €5.33 -€1.50 Price €3.83
Guanti corti bianchi da bambino.
  • -€1.90

Hats Mickey mouse D78

Regular price €5.25 -€1.90 Price €3.35
this product mickey mouse felt. Perfect to play the mythical Disney character!

Hats MInnie D78

Price €5.25
this product from Minnie felt. Inevitable to complete the costume of the famous mouse Disney!
  • -€1.70

Cap cat 3401G

Regular price €5.25 -€1.70 Price €3.55
a Headdress of a cat with pointed ears and small tufts of marabout.

Hat majorette 3414M

Price €9.18
Hat majorette with feather and gem.
  • -€3.60

Beret sequin 5114P

Regular price €5.33 -€3.60 Price €1.73
Hat with visor, fabric, sequin available in various colors.

Cylinder plastic silver glitter BH081

Price €2.38
Cylinder glitter silver color, made of plastic, very lightweight and versatile.

Hat gangster flocked 2797G

Price €4.84
Hat-gangster black flocked with white ribbon.

Scudo DanzaShop BA471

Price €6.72
Scudo da guerriero in plastica resistente color bronzo.

Bow tie in paiettes D118

Price €2.46
Bow tie fabric paiettato, for shows, parties, entertainment. Binds via an elastic band already inserted.
  • -€6.10

Ombrello con ballerine UG089B

Regular price €9.92 -€6.10 Price €3.82
Ombrello per bambine rosa con disegno di ballerine.

White tie BA1075

Price €4.02
slim Tie in white satin.

Stick with knob-D117

Price €2.87
Stick with knob white. Made of plastic. Length 80 cm.

Bastone da Charlie Chaplin DanzaShop D116

Price €2.87
Bastone nero stile Charlie Chaplin, realizzato in plastica. Articolo ideale per spettacoli di danza e travestimenti di Carnevale. Lunghezza 80 cm.
  • On sale!

Wand with led lights

Price €4.43
magic Wand with led light. Model in the shape of a flower.

Wand by Majorette

Price €3.28
the Wand from majorette long and 51 cm.

Foulard in pizzo BA211

Price €2.95
Foulard di pizzo disponibile in diversi colori. Utilizzabile anche come fascia per capelli.
  • On sale!
  • -€2.10

Striped Leggings black

Regular price €5.82 -€2.10 Price €3.72
Leggings striped in various colors available in one size adult.
  • On sale!
  • -€3.50

Tights with fanatasia leopard

Regular price €5.82 -€3.50 Price €2.32
Tights with a leopard design is available in one size adult.

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